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@  Max : (19 November 2017 - 06:06 PM) Heya
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@  Ink : (06 November 2017 - 01:43 PM) Great server , need more people to play :P
@  Wally : (28 October 2017 - 02:00 PM) :S
@  Max : (26 October 2017 - 11:42 AM) Probaly school/work
@  Heat : (25 October 2017 - 04:31 PM) Where is everyone? Its so empty :S
@  Heat : (21 October 2017 - 04:24 PM) Nvm. :D
@  Max : (21 October 2017 - 12:08 PM) ?
@  Heat : (20 October 2017 - 09:51 PM) What happened Max?
@  Uhm : (20 October 2017 - 09:40 PM) Yo, anyone here>?
@  Heat : (19 October 2017 - 01:04 PM) Price list updated. Fixes some prices.
@  Heat : (19 October 2017 - 12:40 PM) We need more activity here..
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@  snikkis : (09 October 2017 - 06:52 AM) yo
@  Steele : (08 October 2017 - 08:08 PM) no worries @snikkis
@  snikkis : (08 October 2017 - 04:47 PM) I am so bad on english :(
@  snikkis : (08 October 2017 - 04:35 PM) Finaly
@  Wally : (08 October 2017 - 12:05 PM) :D

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#362 Server Updates 10/10/2017

Posted by Torva on 10 October 2017 - 05:16 PM

Hey guys its about that time again where I make a small but much needed update.


First off I found that the drop rates were far too common and they were balanced accordingly


Bandos 1/30 --> 1/40

Kree 1/30 --> 1/40

Zilyana 1/30 --> 1/40

Zammy 1/30 --> 1/40


PVM Box 1/10 --> 1/8

Ring of wealth 1/450 --> 1/750


Regular rdt drop 1/20 --> 1/15

Rare rdt drop 1/75 --> 1/60

MEGA rare 1/750 --> 1/700


I've added a few nice items to the drop tables as well


Elemental runes for Ironmen are now on the table


Trickster, Vanguard and Battle-Mage are now available through the mega rare table

Dragon Pickaxe and Hatchet are now available through the mega rare table


Fixed several in game bugs causing weird visual bugs at bandos, and kree'arra.


I'm working on fixing ironmen getting jailed after dying in an instance. 


Fixed "Ghost speak amulet" and "Wolf cape" drops accordingly.


Buffed several drops on the rdt and made them slightly more rewarding.



Enjoy everyone <3


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#361 World of the wyrm, quest guide

Posted by Exnorthium on 10 October 2017 - 12:23 PM

Items recomended/ needed to bring: energy potions, armour food and weapon.


1. Buy a quest scroll

2. Go to the temple east of varrock on the way to canifis. Talk to a ghost there.

3. go to varrock museum, talk to historians wife

4. meet the historian at the ice plateau, located west of edgeville and northeast of falador.

5. talk to historians wife at varrock museum to grant permission to go downstairs, then head downstairs and talk to the professor.

6. professor will tell you to collect a wyrm brain, soul and heart, kill ice, desert and jungle strykewyrms until you get each piece.

7, combine the wyrm pieces and go back to proffessor, he will give you a potion, drink it and follow through the cutscene that follows.

8. talk to professor again, after this go back to the ghost in the temple from step 2 and talk to him.

9. go to black night fortress located west of edgeville, north of ice plateu, talk to the dude there, he will tell you to retreive a book.

10. teleport to wilderness agility course, then run east to rogues hideout at lvl 55 wilderness, tip its very far east so keep running at the top of wildy all the time.

11. fetch the book, after that go downstairs and you will automatically be teleported home.

12. go back to the dude at black nights fortress, talk to him and he will give you a seal.

13. teleport to yanille, run into yanille and into a cave right next to mages guild on the right side.

14. complete the cutscene that follows.

15. go back to historian at varrock museum, talk to him.

Boom, quest complete, gzzzz


Good luck with quest :)

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#351 Start out money guide

Posted by Exnorthium on 07 October 2017 - 06:36 AM

Soo, I have seen alot of questions about how you can make money easy when you have just started the game.


So heres a quick suggestion guide on ways that you can make money when you first enter Arcania, if you have more suggestions, please post them in the comment section.


Tip 1:  Hunter and Thieving: its smart to beging with thieving to make your first millions and at lvl 3 it wont hurt as much, and then go on to do hunter, by the time you hit 99 thiev and hunter on regular mode you shoud have earned 10-15M and this barely takes 45 minutes.


Tip 2: Tool leprechauns: every hour 25 tool leprechauns spawn alla over the game which u can hunt down and get a 1 million coins each from, they are usually located near lodestones or in the cities around runescape, with a bit of practice and getting used to, catching 10-15 leprechauns wont take long at all and will give you 10-15M per round. Also remember that you can do this onc very hour.



Tip 3: Crafting, a good way to earn some cash is to buy gems, cut them and sell back to store, this is both good exp in crafting and a decent amount of money :)



Note, these methods can be used whenever but they are very good when you first start out at lvl 3 and want to make starting , fast, hope you found this helpful and enjoy the exp gainzz :)

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#383 Fred's Staff Application

Posted by Fred on 30 October 2017 - 11:07 AM

In game account name:Fred


Languages/Country:English, USA


Timezone (GMT):Eastern Time Zone, Currently 5 hours behind from Max.




Are you a helpful person? Why should we pick you as a staff member?


I like to believe i am a helpful player. I currently help out anyone that requests it to the best of my abilities. I am always offering to do duos for dung or slayer but i am also always down to boss. I am currently maxed working toward comp cape, which has allowed me to gain knowledge of the server to be able to help new comers. I think i should be selected not only for my timezone but i also am normally on with all the Europeans. Pretty Much everyone knows that i am friendly.


What do you plan doing if Arcania picked you as a staff member?

I plan to continue helping everyone as the best i can. I also plan to broaden my knowledge of the server to further help everyone.


Thank you for reading my applications, have a good one :D


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#322 YANG

Posted by Yang on 21 September 2017 - 09:27 PM



My name is Yang, and I'm an 18-year-old from Sweden who's been into private servers since 2008. I've played most of the big ones a lot, simply because I love the fast paced gameplay that it offers.


When I play video games, I prefer to play Arcania, League of Legends, Guitar Hero 3 on PC, and not really CS:GO anymore but I want to start again. I used to be very much into Call of Duty 2008-2013, but I stopped when trickshotting started dying out as it was not much fun anymore.


My biggest interest is music. I am a producer who mostly does Trap instrumentals for rapping, but I love every genre of music to be honest. Anything from country to death metal goes, as long as it's a good song. After this sentence I linked a track that I produced for my friend known as Lil Nashy from Florida! https://soundcloud.c...f-prod-gud-yang


I have some other interests too, which mostly involve skateboarding and partying with my girlfriend. She's probably the only person in the world who is as crazy as me at times.


I hope this was interesting in any way to read, I tried to keep it as short as I could. Maybe some of you have similar interests, if so please let me know!

I'm so hyped to meet all of you in-game, feel free to chat with me - if I don't reply, I'm 100% AFK (I will never ignore you).

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#302 Steele's Intro

Posted by Steele on 20 September 2017 - 06:06 PM

Hello Arcania! I'm Steele, and I wanted to properly introduce myself.


I started playing private servers on and off for close to 6 or 7 years now. I played RS in elementary school, but I gave up. Years later, I played some more, then I caught drift of a private server, and I haven't gone back since. Throughout my years of rsps playing, I have developed a particular sense of taste for a rsps, and Arcania is as closes as it gets! 718 is a must for me (the gfx are awesome), fast exp, and the shops have to have a lot of skilling items... and Arcania has all of these things! So I'm definitely sticking around for a long time!


A little about me; I'm 22, in college, and I'm getting married in October :o



I hope to see you all in game!

Sorry for lame intro, I ran out of stuff to talk about :D

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#249 Updates 09-17

Posted by Max on 17 September 2017 - 07:26 AM

This week updates:
Drygore longsword buffed
Skiller shop including food shop into it added at home
Corporeal beast location fixed
Desert Tresure Bosses Fixed
Yak'Lagor drop rate fixed
Crystal Chest added
Lab portal (minigame) Added
;;shops teleport + npc added
Buff point shop (Progress)
Divine,Elysian,Arcane,Spectral Godswords are now added into the game and can be obtainable from Donator Boxes for the moment.
Fixed Tinderbox Bug
Fixed Wyrm Quest Bug
Added Lab Portal at home
Added Third-Age Sirenic Set into the game
Added Third-Age Tectonic Set into the game
Updated Donator shop (Added Third-Age Sirenic + Third-Age Tectonic + Third-age Malevolent Set into it)
Updated some armour stats (including Sirenic/Tectonic set)
Special Attack added to Arcania Godsword
Updated staff list ingame

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#374 Arcania deadman mode

Posted by Exnorthium on 13 October 2017 - 02:45 PM

Okay time for a fun challenge, this is just an idea and have to be appreciated by the community to be released. Okay here is my idea:


Everyone that wishes to parttake in the challenge makes a new account with hardcore ironman mode, after this you all have 1 hour to train your stats up before you all finally meet in the wilderness to kill eachother, where the last player standing wins. The timer for the 1 hour starts at the same time for everyone.


This is best done on hc ironmen since we can clearly see when you have died and your stats will be fully reset upon death, if you happen to die before the pking meet at wilderness begins, you are free to create a new hc ironman account and start over, however the time will still be counted from the time you made your first account. I hope you kinda understand how i mean :)


As for rewards we will give you those on your main accounts of course or any account that you have and wish to be rewarded on, these will be in forms of weapons, armour, coins, skilling supplies etc.


Last note: If you happen to log out or disconect during the wilderness fight you are automatically disqualified.



Glad to hear you ideas/opinions about this :)

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#354 Server Updates 10/8/2017

Posted by Torva on 08 October 2017 - 07:49 PM

Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood Torva here with a few updates for you all!

Max's updates:

Webshop has been updated
Donator Boxes has a chance of giving 2x of a reward u recieve
Extreme Vine Whip stats has been fixed
Congratulations to Steele on being promoted to Support!!!
And auto vote + donation will be fixed in a couple days

Torvas Updates:

Lets start out with the big stuff!


First and foremost I redid a few drop tables over the last few days and adjusted drop rates of many Bosses in this game.

Since this is Batch 1/2, I did the following bosses (drop rates in the parenthesis) 


Graardor (1/30 or 1/150 for individual items)

Zilyana (1/30 or 1/150 for individual items)

Zammy (can't remember his name lol) (1/30 or 1/150 for individual items)

Kree'arra (1/30 or 1/150 for individual items)

Corp (1/300 for divine, 1/150 for elysian, 1/30 for Spec, 1/30 for Arcane)

and Nex (1/9 for all pieces of armor, 1/162 for Zbow Virtus wand and book)


Ring of wealth gives you a +2 chance at getting an item from these bosses, and if the ring influenced the drop, you will get a neat message in game!


Next I created a brand new RDT (Rare drop table) and added the Ring of Wealth to the PVM box drop table at a 1/450 chance.


This is how it works!

You can access the common table of the RDT without having a ring of wealth on! the chances without the ring are 1/20

With the ring you get a 1/15 chance to access this table!


There is a rare table for the RDT that can only be accessed with the ROW on! chances 1/75!


Finally there is a MEGA RARE TABLE chances 1/750!! (only with ring on) without the ring there is a 1/777,777,777 chance to access this table. (lol)

There are so many good items on this table, I don't even know where to begin.

5 UNIQUE new pets exclusive to this table

Most 3rd age items can be gotten through here as well


There are a few hidden items on this table I wont be releasing to you, but if you get it Good luck finding out what they do!


For those Dungeoneering junkies and Summoning fanatics, I have a suprise for you!

Charming imp has been added to the dungeoneering store for 25,000 tokens! enjoy it



Various bug fixes and crash fixes for the game, so many I can't even list them.


Super antifires were going to be released with this update, but I ran into a small... very huge issue with them


Lastly! Slayer helm now provides a 15% accuracy boost while on task always!

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#346 Updates 09-28

Posted by Max on 28 September 2017 - 01:18 PM

Updates 09-28


Fixed Super Anti-Fire potions ( Empty the old ones u had)

Added Super Anti-fire flasks to the shop

Added Anti-fire shield to Armour shop insted of General Store

Added Spade

Buffed Crystal Chest

Fixed Herb Patches so iron man can grow herbs


For Next Update:

Buff Shop will be finishd

Claiming Votes will be finishd

Highscore will be Released

Add more Rares to SOF

New Daily Tasks.


How to Achive Veteran Rank:

The first 10 players to max out will get Veteran Rank.


Donations / WebShop

WebShop will have sale until sunday, (Everything cheaper).


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#341 Desert Treasure Quest Guide

Posted by Harry on 26 September 2017 - 06:37 PM

When you get the scroll 'Desert Treasure' from the 'Quest Master' at Home follow theses next steps.
Step One.
Head East from the 'Quest Master' Up the stairs and talk to 'Eblis'
After talking to 'Eblis' teleport to the 'Bandit Camp'
Once there head South till you come to a Pyramid.
Enter it.
Step Two.
Once in the Pyramid Find your way through it to the middle.
Once there you will see a Chest which is open.
Search it, you will obtain a book (Hymn book)
Teleport Home (;;H)
Step Three.
Go back to 'Eblis' and speak with him.
Once Spoken to him Click and open the book (Hymn Book)
Dessous - Level 139.
Kamil - Level 189.
Fareed - Level 227.
1 Overload.
2 Super restore.
25 Sharks. (I restocked my shark before facing the next Boss.)
Prayers - I used
Deflect Magic.

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#316 Updates 09-21

Posted by Max on 21 September 2017 - 06:38 AM

Updates for 09-21
When you Examine a boss it will appear in the console the drop rates of the boss.
Amulet of Fury (or) stats (Fixed)
Links above the quest tab (Fixed)
Updated Donator boxes drop rates
Added Discord Channel
hellhounds added to slayer zone 1
Added Some trivia questions
Adding logs to bonfire now can give you comp cape requirements
Added new models into the game
Crystal Chest rewards are now improved (New items added to the chest + made rares more common)


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#310 Quick summoning suggestion

Posted by Exnorthium on 20 September 2017 - 11:28 PM

Would be great if spirit shard packs could be added to summoning shop so you can buy spirit shards at a larger quantity, at the moment its very annoying to for example buy 50k shards with the "buy 500" button.

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#299 Wally's Introduction

Posted by Wally on 19 September 2017 - 09:10 PM

Hey everyone,


My name is Wally. I am an original developer of the source. I created some of the content you see like all the quests, lab minigame, private islands etc.

I have lots of experience of being an owner, but since I am a college student I have stopped coding, and left the rsps scene for about a year. I do miss coding and creating content players love, so I am back as a developer to help make Arcania a great server for everyone to enjoy. :D


Other information about me: 


I am almost done with my associates degree in information systems managment (Information Technology), I enjoy working out lifting weights, I was a division 2 basketball player in college, and I enjoy meeting new people from different walks of life.


If anyone feels like talking to me feel free to PM me in-game or on the forums.

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#293 Efficient max cape guide for regular/novice players

Posted by bestthebeast on 19 September 2017 - 03:47 PM

Best to do Thieving before starting combat because you take less damage if you are lvl 3 combat. But other than that. Awesome guide.

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#285 Wolf's Intro

Posted by Wolf on 19 September 2017 - 07:15 AM

Whats up guys. The name is Wolf. I guess some things to know about me is i am 21 years old and a mature player. I play this game because its relaxing to me and it brings me a peace of mind. I also do a lot of GFX / Video recording/editing/ Coding in my spare time and i like to work on side projects so i love to help those who need some GFX / computer work done. I am from the USA and hate trump but its ight. I'm just a down to earth dude who likes his whiskey and beer and helping people out. Can't wait to see you all in game. Live free fellas.

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#282 This is me

Posted by Exnorthium on 19 September 2017 - 05:21 AM

Hello, this is me Exnorthium, irl name Oscar, 22 years old, engineering student
Ingame I am both admin mod north and Exnorthium so if you got any questions about the game feel free to ask any of those 2 accs :)


Hope you all enjoy the game and will stay a long time, cheers



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#271 Introducing myself

Posted by A BROTHER on 18 September 2017 - 01:34 AM



My name is Jonhathan, im 20 years old.


my in-game name is A Brother, you can always ask for a friendly advice <3


i hope to see you guys around  ;)  :P 

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#258 Summoning Guide 1-99

Posted by Harry on 17 September 2017 - 06:25 PM

Hey This is a Guide to show you the fastest way to get 1-99 Summoning.


(WARNING) depending on what Mode You're playing on is dependent on how long and how much Xp you will earn.


Step one.


This part can be abit of a drag, collecting Charms. Nearly every npc drops charms but i would recommend ROCK CRABS as they are easy to kill and have rough a 98% drop rate of Charms.


To get to ROCK CRABS just type ;;train.


After collecting Charms its time to begin Summoning.


Step two


After Collecting your charms (Gold, Green, Chrimson, Blue)  you will need to bring your gold(Money) as it will cost a small amount.


Once you have your gold(money) and charms its time to start your summoning.


Start by going to your quest tab>Teleport>Skilling>Basic Skilling>More Options>Summoning.


Step three


Once there talk to the Man called 'Pikkupstix' 


Then Click Shop 1.


You will need to guy about a lot of pouches and shards (different amounts for different modes.)


Step Four


start by buying 10x Wolf bones.


Then exit out of the shop.


Then click on the 'obelisk'


Right-click on the 'spirit wolf pouch' and click 10x (IT IS IMPORTANT YOU CLICK 10X AND NOT ALL AS AT THE MINUTE THERE IS A BUG)


Step Five


This step will show you the pouches what give the most xp at what levels.




NAME OF POUNCH                                   LEVEL & REQUIREMENT)    XP


Spirit wolf                                                                                1 Gold 7 Wolf bones                              4.8


Dreadfowl                                                                                4 Gold 8 Raw chicken                           9.3


Spirit spider                                                                             10 Gold 8 Spider carcass                     12.6


Thorny snail                                                                            13 Gold 9 Raw thin snail                       12.6


Granite crab                                                                            16 Gold 7 Iron ore                                 21.6


Mosquito                                                                                  17 Gold 1 Proboscis                             46.5


Desert wyrm                                                                            18 Green 45 Bucket of sand                 31.2


Spirit scorpion                                                                         19 Crimson 57 Bronze claws                 83.2


Spirit Tz-Kih                                                                            22 Crimson 64 Obsidian charm             96.8


Albino rat                                                                                 23 Blue 75 Raw rat meat                       202.4


Spirit kalphite                                                                          25 Blue 51 Potato cactus                       220


Compost mound                                                                     28 Green 47 Compost                           49.8


Giant chinchompa                                                                  29 Blue 84 Chincompa                          255.2


Vampyre bat                                                                          31 Crimson 81 Vampyre dust                136


Honey badger                                                                       32 Crimson 84 Honeycomb                   140.8


Beaver                                                                                  33 Green 72 Willow logs                        57.6


Void ravager                                                                         34 Green 74 Ravager charm                 59.6


Void shifter                                                                           34 Blue 74 Shifter charm                       59.6


Void spinner                                                                        34 Blue 74 Spinner charm                      59.6


Void torcher                                                                        34 Blue 74 Torcher charm                      59.6


Bronze minotaur                                                                 36 Blue 102 Bronze bar                         316.8


Bull ant                                                                               40 Gold 11 Marigolds                              52.8


Macaw                                                                               41 Green 78 Clean Guam                       72.4


Evil turnip                                                                          42 Crimson 104 Carved turnip                184.8


Spirit cockatrice                                                                43 Green 88 Cockatrice egg                    75.2


Spirit coraxatrice                                                              43 Green 88 Coraxatrice egg                   75.2


Spirit guthatrice                                                               43 Green 88 Guthatrice egg                     75.2


Spirit pengatrice                                                              43 Green 88 Pengatrice egg                    75.2


Spirit saratrice                                                                 43 Green 88 Saratrice egg                      75.2


Spirit vulatrice                                                                 43 Green 88 Vulatrice egg                       75.2


Spirit zamatrice                                                              43 Green 88 Zamatrice egg                     75.2


Iron minotaur                                                                 46 Blue 125 Iron bar                                 404.8


Pyrelord                                                                        46 Crimson 111 Tinderbox                        202.4


Magpie                                                                          47 Green 88 Gold ring                             83.2


Bloated leech                                                               49 Crimson 117 Raw beef                        215.2


Spirit terrorbird                                                             52 Gold 12 Raw bird meat                        68.4


Abyssal parasite                                                          54 Green 106 Abyssal charm                   94.8


Spirit jelly                                                                    55 Blue 151 Jug of water                          484


Ibis                                                                             56 Green 109 Harpoon                             98.8


Steel minotaur                                                            56 Blue 141 Steel bar                               492.8


Spirit graahk                                                               57 Blue 154 Graahk fur                            501.6


Spirit kyatt                                                                  57 Blue 153 Kyatt fur                                501.6


Spirit larupia                                                              57 Blue 155 Larupia fur                             501.6


Karamthulhu overlord                                               58 Blue 144 Empty fishbowl                       510.4


Smoke devil                                                              61 Crimson 141 Goat's horn dust              268


Abyssal lurker                                                           62 Green 119 Abyssal charm                   109.6 


Spirit cobra                                                              63 Crimson 116 Snake hide                      276.8


Stranger plant                                                          64 Crimson 128 Bagged plant                   281.6


Barker toad                                                              66 Gold 11 Swamp toad                            87


Mithril minotaur                                                        66 Blue 152 Mithril bar                              580.8


War tortoise                                                             67 Gold 1 Tortoise shell                            58.6


Bunyip                                                                     68 Green 110 Raw shark                          119.2


Fruit bat                                                                  69 Green 130 Banana                               121.2


Ravenous locust                                                    70 Crimson 79 Pot of flour                         132


Arctic bear                                                             71 Gold 14 Polar kebbit fur                         93.2 


Obsidian golem                                                    73 Blue 195 Obsidian charm                        642.4


Granite lobster                                                     74 Crimson 166 Granite                               325.6


Praying mantis                                                     75 Crimson 168 Flowers                              329.6


Adamant minotaur                                              76 Blue 144 Adamantite bar                        668.8


Forge regent                                                        76 Green 141 Ruby harvest                         134


Talon beast                                                          77 Crimson 174 Talon beast charm             1015.2


Giant ent                                                              78 Green 124 Willow branch                       136.8


Fire titan                                                              79 Blue 198 Fire talisman                           695.2


Ice titan                                                               79 Blue 198 Air talisman, Water talisman   695.2


Moss titan                                                           79 Blue 202 Earth talisman                         695.2


Hydra                                                                  80 Green 128 Water orb                             140.8


Nightmare muspah**                                          81 Elder N/A Muspah spine                        145.3


Brawler demon                                                   82 Crimson 136 Demon claw                     346.9


Deacon demon                                                   82 Crimson 136 Demon claw                    346.9


Executioner demon                                            82 Crimson 136 Demon claw                    346.9


Spirit dagannoth                                                83 Crimson 1 Dagannoth hide                  364.8


Lava titan                                                          83 Blue 219 Obsidian charm                     730.4


Swamp titan                                                     85 Crimson 150 Swamp lizard                   373.6


Rune minotaur                                                 86 Blue 1 Runite bar                                  756.8


Blood nihil**                                                      87 Elder N/A Vampyre fangs                     355


Ice nihil**                                                          87 Elder N/A Icyene feather                      355


Shadow nihil**                                                  87 Elder N/A Demon horn                         355


Smoke nihil**                                                   87 Elder N/A Aviansie talons                     355


Light creature                                                  88 Blue 204 Light core                              771.6


Geyser titan                                                    89 Blue 222 Water talisman                     783.2


Wolpertinger                                                   92 Crimson 203 Raw rabbit, Wolf bones 404.8


Abyssal titan                                                  93 Green 113 Abyssal charm                   163.2


Iron titan                                                        95 Crimson 198 Iron platebody                 417.6


Pack yak                                                       96 Crimson 211 Yak hide                          422.4


Steel titan                                                    99 Crimson 178 Steel platebody                  435.2


Pack mammoth                                           99 Crimson 222 Mammoth tusk                 439.8







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#256 Harry's Arcania Introduction

Posted by Harry on 17 September 2017 - 04:51 PM

Cheers Max<3

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